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Nevertheless, he has known to have multiple girlfriends over the years, and his youth had an active dating life.

He has known to have both male and female in the previous days.

And he made the figure of net worth, because used to work for several tops ranked TV channels, also working as human rights activist, lawyer, and also as an author. Nevertheless, his mother Mia Farrow, a well-known actress has a huge net worth of million dollars and his father a successful movie director; Woody deserved over million dollars of net worth. Farrow on his private relationship level is rather sober and tasteless.In a rambling farmhouse called Frog Hollow, among the baked-earth fields of rural Connecticut, lives a single mother of 13 children.Though her brood are now grown up, she shares her cottage with two cows, five cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds, lizards and tropical fish.The pair never married, though they adopted two children, Dylan Farrow (who has since changed her name several times) and Moshe Farrow.They also had one child, Ronan Farrow, although Mia recently stated he could be the biological son of Frank Sinatra.

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Not everyone was over the moon for Woody Allen when he was honoured at the Golden Globes last night.

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