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Ultracal is the only beam profiler algorithm that sets the baseline to “zero”, and, in the center of the noise.

(Competitiveproducts use other less sophisticated algorithms that perform a baseline subtraction, but truncate the noise below the “zero” of thebaseline.

Our patented, baseline correction algorithm helped establish the ISO 11146-3 standard for beam measurement accuracy.

The problemswith cameras used in beam profile measurements are: a) The baseline, or zero, of the cameras will drift with time and temperature changes, and b) includerandom noise.

In both these cases, Ultracal becomes essential in obtaining accurate measurements.

Beam Gage allows you to configure as many measurements as needed to support your work, and comes standard with over 55 separatemeasurement choices.

Often times, this system will need to be used with beam attenuation or beam sizing accessories, depending on your laser application.And if Beam Gage-Standard does not have the measurement you need the -Enterprise version permits the user to add-in custom calculations.User defined computations are treated just as the standard calculations.This permits secure product testing as well as data collection for Statistical Process Control (SPC), all while assuring the validity of the data.Using the USB output from select Ophir power/energy meters, the Beam Gage application will display measured power/energy values from the full range of Ophir thermopile, photodiode and pyroelectric sensors.

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