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“Real cowboys eat quiche.” —Aristotle Oh, do I love this quiche.I included it in my second cookbook and is similar to the quiche I posted here back in the dark ages of 2009, but without the gnarly mushrooms, and with cheddar instead of Swiss.Still, the rodeo tradition has survived, attracting upwards of 50,000 fans at its biggest events across the country.From a small-town rodeo where admission used to be $.90 to a 10-day event with more than million in prize money, here are eight rodeos worth dusting off your cowboy hat for this summer.In the 1800s, after Spanish conquistadors introduced horses to the Americas, cattlemen adopted rodeos as a means of sorting and rounding up their herds.Today, the open range has been replaced by cities and suburbia and many rodeos are held in larger than life stadiums.

“He liked our lifestyle and loved how we all worked together. He wanted to build a show about cowboys and how they live their lives and how they survive and what all being a cowboy means.”Harris is from Robertsdale in Baldwin County near Mobile.He got his nickname “Booger” from his father, but it was his late grandfather who really made it stick.“Ever since I was a little boy I’ve just been a booger monster,” Brown said.“My dad kind of started it and my granddaddy got a hold of the name and he just went with it.America’s first rodeo cowboys might just be rolling over in their 200-year-old graves.The sport they knew as a backbreaking necessity has since been transformed into a multi-million-dollar entertainment industry.

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