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Cut a hole in the middle of one sheet of card stock, tape the edges of a tin foil section over it, then carefully pierce the center of the foil with the needle — presto, you've made a pinhole camera.

To use your device, hover it over something white, ideally a piece of paper, and move it up and down until you figure out where the ideal focus point is. If you barely let a point of sunlight sneak through, you can diffract and project the light using a fleshly pinhole camera: There are other, more effective ways to use projection to your advantage, though.

With too small a pinhole, however, the sharpness worsens, due to diffraction.

Nearly anyone in the country can see the moon take a bite out of the sun during the epic event, weather permitting.The image can be projected onto paper, and can then be traced to produce a highly accurate representation.In order to produce a reasonably clear projected image, the aperture has to be about 1/100th the distance to the screen, or less.Another more portable type is a box with an angled mirror projecting onto tracing paper placed on the glass top, the image being upright (but still reversed) as viewed from the back.There are theories that occurrences of camera obscura effects (through tiny holes in tents or in screens of animal hide) inspired paleolithic cave paintings.

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The camera obscura box was developed further into the photographic camera in the first half of the 19th century when camera obscura boxes were used to expose light-sensitive materials to the projected image.

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