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They move out to the deck, where they make plans to meet again in six months on the top of the Empire State Building.

The prologue to the confession "An Affair To Remember" is: I just found out that my partner of four years had been cheating on me for the last eighteen months.

They're seen as a life-style choice; an option for men and women yearning for excitement or intimacy that's lacking or has dulled during their marriage.

Given that new reality, I put together what I've learned about psychology of affairs -- their meaning and their consequences for people in our current culture. We ended up in bed, as well as a lot of other places! The liberating and compelling feeling from this kind of affair, though, can mask hidden emotional conflicts.

Seeing it, and realizing for the first time that she has not risen from the couch, Nickie crosses the room and throws the door open, only to see the painting on the wall.

Within seconds he has her in his arms, whispering, "Why didn't you tell me?

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The six months pass, and Nickie arrives at the top of the Empire State Building.

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