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Memel Head of y iclorious State ^ Co ndemns^ Demomtraiiom — Wn Ht raph by Itob«rt Lov» "Joumey't Ind," Resideacc of Fisgard Lightho«iae at tll O Int Wnce to Ksquimalt Hatbor. inch Ktinfc; the City of Wilno, her historic capital. Alice Tlmleck «tid Mis l.-vilx l M, Tc I,ean He ruled out twenty-flvc-ycar-old Mrs. department of that newspaper j l-wo or three direct warnings during Tlinr Tindings. J J ^ , sinictions on how to comply with and -flfyietv for the rorte the crest of a fkjod today as- caxns. ^ ^.^ y^"^'^ '"^ ^ ^ "^ ^ ti ie r e gul a t io n s «^ h a d s n n wn a n^ mci Ly to Animafi , could be settled. present Oriental conflict will be prc- .sented by a young Japanese from Varn'ouver. Hall last IS B I You may lelcct any fabric and we'll make you really dressed-up this Spring. If a plane turns dlreo Uy on its aide, its yii Da$ beeome its rudder, and lu body, or fuselage, and rudder be- come its wmg. In all o Uiar respects the movable parts have the same ef Tert on the :iir As h of fact, plant;.s with Lli« hit^h .speed* of today can fly on their faces, backs and sides with very little diange of altitude. ■ • • • Altitude Is not only distance from the surface of the ground to a pilot, but time as well.

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Alongside their roles as representatives of their respective countries, members of the Scandinavian royal families have also taken an active interest in various social and global issues, establishing charities and serving as spokespeople for different causes.

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Five of these amphoras were designated as originating from the king's personal estate, with the sixth from the estate of the royal house of Aten.

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Fitch Ratings Fitch Ratings is a leading provider of credit ratings, commentary and research.

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